Biography of Sweet C

I’ve been a Poet and Songwriter since I was 16 years old. I have songs that fit into various genres, many of which I wrote in my younger years. I do not fit into one box, nor can I be controlled; so I decided to start my own music production company and be an Independent Artist. My songs come from many years of life experiences. I’m also a retired US Air Force Medic, Disabled Combat Veteran, published Author, and a Registered Nurse. Writing and creating music is my therapy. It has helped me overcome many emotionally difficult times in my life and I hope it helps others as well. I’m a Christian who loves Jesus more than anything. My goal is to plant seeds through my testimonies to those who may not

listen to an actual Gospel Artist. My songs either point to Jesus or his teachings even if they are not a praise or worship song. The advisory warning labels on a few of my songs are only there due to the topic of the songs not being meant for younger children. They have no cursing in them though and should be supported by all Christians due to the important messages in them. Follow my journey and support me by sharing my song links everywhere you can. God bless you all!